Thursday, February 25, 2010

Logo art

This is a unsual logo, but the flow of it draws your eye, the colours is restful and the fonts used portray the message well.

I like this logo, its modern design and they way it has the pulse pumping as if you were at the gym having a good workout. The colours used are bold and dynamic.

This add has a professional feel about it, it reminds me of the sleek designs of the equipment used in some gyms. It is unusual for serifs and sans serifs to be used together, it is very effect in the used of the two fonts.

I like this logo because of the balanced design, the colours chosen and that it states clearly what it is all about.

I like the Roca Dental logo because of its clean lines and the professional look its has. The colour chosen for the type draws the eye and portrays the professional image that the client was after.

I like this logo because we all dream of have pearl white teeth. The colours are soothing, and the fonts chosen create a professional image.

This logo is both elegant and unique, the colour reminds me of gerberas and baskets of flowers. The font flows well with the theme of flowers.

I like this logo because of its simplicity, the choice of a daisy flower for the logo and the green type all combine to make a clean image that sells Bloomfield Florist.

This logo is beautiful in the way it is designed, the colours chosen andit all fits together. I love the fonts used in this logo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grass Is Always Greener

Without using words, we had to depict an image which was the Grass is Always Greener, I used a typically lush green lawn house and in contrast used a drought stricken background for the otherside. I tried to create a rip down the middle of the page to show that it isn't always as it seems. This picture could be taken in a few contexts, one being that you can't always predicted the future (mother nature has ways of defeating man at unexpected times), or wishful thinking of a life that is passing you by (family, friends, different needs for different people).
The man in the house might be contemplating life and the greener side of it, but then he may be thinking if I can survive these conditions, I can survive anything.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well its done, not my best bit of work but the thought was there. I need more practice at cutting out bits of pictures that should be negative instead of positive eg. motorbike wheel. I need to learn more special effects and be more confident that in time (I hope) that I'll improve.

Photoshop is definitely challenging.

Photoshop Fruitsalad

In photoshop as our first task we had to composite a picture of fruit using the tools in photoshop, these tools were the pen tool and background. It was challenging as this was the first time I had to cut shapes out like this. For a first attempt using this program, I think I achieved what was required.

Hey, it may not be perfect but its a start.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Edward Steichen's picture of Marlene Dietrich is just amazing. It captures the glamour of the 1940s. The soleful face of Marlene, the bedroom eyes the actual pose, it all gels together to make a powerful portrait. The depth of the picture using the darker clothes and a softer light shinning of Marlene face brings the picture to life.

Robert Adams photographs dipict life as it was, no false imagery, no doctoring of photos, this picture shows a typical American town, manufactered to be the same (keeping up with the Jones'), same style house, same trees and probably similar families living in these houses. It uses more grey scale than the traditional black and white which add to the effectivness of depicting the era.

This photo by Jeff Wall is similar to an image I had the other day whilst out driving and wishing I had a camera with me at the time (although the trees were different in the picture I would have taken). The road to nowhere, the journey begins, where this road leads are all the things I think about when I look at this picture. Has man destroyed nature or is he just passing through. The height of the trees wow! I love the play of the light as it shines through the tops of the trees, but where the road is, its nice and cool (damp looking).

Gregory Crewdson has a way of creating a picture that speaks a thousand words. To me this picture speaks of abandonement, lonlieness, misunderstanding, is this were I'm at! The colours used in this picture help to create that lonlieness with the dark behind her, which allows the light to show her feelings. I like the way the bed, being a big object is not the focal point

This image by Martin Parr typifies the blassay attitude of many people today, ignore the rubbish and sit down and enjoy your meal. This could be a street scene anywhere in the world today. Although taken slighty out of focus it adds to the feel of neglect. I think the main focus of this picture is the architecture and the rubbish.

Cindy Sherman (how do you describe her photographs!), who is this woman, dreamer, dancer, a lonely woman, all these things could describe this picture but has Cindy Sherman lost or found herself in doing all these character portraits of herself. I enjoy this picture and the elements used in creating it. Is the focus on her dreams/desires or on the solitude of reflection. This picture uses light well and the contrast from the open window to the wooden floors (the bright to darker textures) creates a visually pleasing image.

I enjoy this image from Araki, the emotions that he captures in the girl, the doubts and fears the refelection and the details of her gown. The whole composition of this picture unites to tell a story. Black and white photography seems to define more of the elements involved in this picture.

This image by Larry Clark has some great contrasts in the use of the leopard print blanket and the paleness of her skin against his darker skin, the window in the background adds more light to the picture and the use of black and white and greys to enhance the picture. The picture tends to lead you away from the gun and tends to draw you towards the girls feet and I feel you notice the girl is bound more by doing this.

I like this image from Tony Vaccaro, I enjoyed viewing his photos from World War 2, it gives us a sense of time and the conditions that prevailed at the time. The contrast betweeen black and white is really good and the detail seems to be more detailed in black and white than it would in colour. It captures the bleak weather conditions many soliders had to survive in, the continuation of life even through war. It gives you more to look at than just the army girl.

This image photographed by Richard Billingham, has a good contrast use of light and dark, and having the different textures on the wall adds interest to the picture. The subject is slightly off centre. Being in black and white I feel allows more depth to the image.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get the glass review

Today we played the game "Get the Glass". This is my review of the game.
  • Wow! I need to practise more at playing games like this, mouse control was surely not one of my strong points. Trying to steer the van around the road, I just kept crashing.
  • I think I spent more time trying to escape from milkatraz then actualy playing the game.
  • The graphics used in this game were fantastic, it uses lighting to depict the stealth of the game, with the police catching you at nearly every turn. It offers challenges and makes you want to keep going to just get to the end of the game. The combination of all elements makes this game enjoyable to play.
  • Learning more about what elements go into making a game like this, makes you appreciate the skills of the people who design them, create and market the games. The hours and the imagination that is required to create such a gameis mind boggling!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here goes, first attempt

Welcome to the creative world of Michelle's mind, these are my thoughts and creative skills that I hope will allow me to start feeeling that I can accomplish the wonderful world of graphic design.

The journey begins.....