Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Splatter ArtWork

This is my attempt at using my splatter blobs that I created, they look fantastic when stretched and merged together. Using a grey background highlights the white text and makes it easier to read. I created this before we were told that we could only use the blobs three times, but I felt that it needed balancing with the extra patches of the blobs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

CUVCRSO3B - Cartoon/Children's Characters

Barry Bullfrog's Dream

Barry loved living in his pond with his friends.
At night time Barry would look up at the stars and dream of living up in the stars.
Barry talked to his friends about his dreams of living in space.
Barry friends told Barry that they had heard that Ronny Rocket was going to take off for the stars.
He asked Ronny if he could travel with him. Ronny said "that would be fun".
The big day came, the countdown began. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Blast off!
Barry and Ronny Rocket were travelling very fast. There were lots of things to see out there in space.
They stopped to talk to Ash Asteroid, who told them to be careful of all the rocks that were following her.
Barry and Ronny's trip was very long and soon they were watching stars flying by.
"Look!" said Barry, A shooting star, as it zoomed around them.
Sammy star said "hello" but he was in a hurry. He was playing hide and seek with his friends.
Barry and Ronny continued on, the trip was nearly finished.
Barry asked are we there yet and Ronny said "look, I can see Silvo the Spacestation".
Soon they were coming in to dock with Silvo.
He was happy to see Ronny again, and what a surprise Ronny had for Silvo, a new friend.
Barry was very happy living his dream, knowing one day he would return to his pond and friends.

These are my finished layout spreads, I chose not to bleed the images to the edge of the page after looking through some of the children's books that I have at home. With the bottom two pages I though to put the text in a box and use bright colours for the gradient background of these boxes to provide a constrat to the blue background of the images. Whilst doing these page layouts, I got my youngest son to read them and see if he liked the pictures that I created for each page. I tried to keep the text simple by using Arial Rounded and by using a larger size type for each page to make it easier to read to younger and learner readers.
The age group that I have based my characters on is 0-5 years of age, so keeping the text simple was important, and I felt that the images needed to be kept simple as well.
Choosing colours that are bright and fun were important to the overall feel of the pages, and the night sky I tried to just darken the colours without using black for darkness, I think that I achieved this reasonablly well.
On the first page layout, I wanted to have a picture of Barry Bullfrog sitting on a lily pad, with some other characters near him, the fish and the butterfly (these characters being found among ponds). Bullrushes, bushes , clouds etc. were all added to the picture to create the feel of looking onto a pond.
The second page layout, I wanted to have Barry lying on his back looking up at the night sky, so I redrew Barry and recreated him in a different pose. I used the same scene as the previous page to give it continuity but changed the colours to create a night scene.
The third page layout, I wanted to have Ronny rocket zooming away from earth and travelling towards the stars. I my opinion, I think I needed to add movement to the rocket, although I suppose it is very hard to capture movement in space.
The fourth page layout, I decided to make into a circle to enhance the shape of Ash Asteroid, creating rocks trailing her as she speeds through space. I feel that the story shows what is happening on each page.