Sunday, May 30, 2010

BSBDES302A Composites

In this image I thought about album covers dipicting a hell theme eg Bat Out of Hell, and thinking that if you listened long enough then went to bed surely you would dreaming of hell, adding a bottle of Jack Daniels as if the images in your head were leading you to drink, placing a tombstone at the end of the bed and having someone try to claw their way out of hell would be dam scary. But alas it is all an illusion.

I tried to keep this image clean by not adding to much to it. The pictures of Heaven icecream was meant to be a take on the Andy Warol pictures adding a bit of culture and fun to the image, hey it was worth a try.

When I was creating this image, I wanted to creating a soothing image of things that I think show harmony, I could have gone with a choir but that was obvious so I went with a more oriental feel because they have so many elements that harmonise with one another. Yin Yang, Tai Chi, Meditation and of course sailing, the tranquility of this piece speaks well to me.

Country vs City is this where I want to live, what clothes am I going to wear I like this dress but maybe the other one is better. Casual or business, hat or no hat, these are all things I was thinking about when creating this. The scores of music show dissonance in music. I found this one very hard to create.

This is my control picture, the thoughts behind this image is the use of images that portray control in some shape or form, the first being mind control, the second being food control and the third being out of control. Having the little guy in front controlling everything is just like all computers and technology.

In this image I tried to trap elements inside bubbles, but in trapping the images such as the computers which would be unable to communicate with one another, seeing furniture that you could relax in but knowing that you can't escape to do it, the over flowing rubbish just building up but never being abled to be emptied and the kitchen in chaos and not being cleaned (what a horrible thought).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I found this website hard to navigate around at first, they have some interesting concepts about typography and the use of pictures to either promote or enhance their work. It would be interesting to see more of their work that they have created. They definitely have a different view on advertising, more creative, some of it works, although for me personally some of it is just overdone (it may be an age thing, or the way I view the world), it is more art for me than advertising.

I love the colours used in this picture, it reminds me of the circus, and its a fun way to display a boring item such as a microphone. The circular bit around the microphone reminds me of the big top (circus tent).

The above image has a museum feel to it, the colours used enhance this feeling. The words used and the type all create another element that looks like scultpture. The typography used is similar to quilling but reminds me of layers of chocolate flake bars.

Although this image is hard to read, I really like the art deco feel to it. It appears that the women are wearing the letters as scarves, coats and wraps. It is a really interesting way to make you look further into the image to make you read it more.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


When planning this exercise, I thought about the things that remind me of China, the birthplace of Acupuncture. Bamboo, Yin Yang, Butterflies, Lotus flowers, Cherry Blossom, then I researched these different words (also looking for pictures that I my be able to use for a logo), I also looked up different logos for acupuncture to see what other people had come up with.

Although initially I wanted to use some of the ideas that had been used before with modifications, I decided to come up with my own ideas of using cherry blossom because it circles back to Yin Yang and the circle of life which includes nature.

I found two images of cherry blossom that I really liked and with these images I then tried to pick a type font that would harmonise with the blossom. I tried using only two fonts instead of using more and I tried to carry this throughout the whole body of work. One of the images was very feminine and full and the other less so.


The work that I produced had a simple feel to it (keeping the old adage of Keep It Simple Stupid), I didn't use any complex shapes, or a lot of colour throughout until the brochure which was a complete failure and poorly thought out. The logo with the full cherry blossom was used and was thought to be too feminine, because not everybody who attends acupuncturists are female so I needed to think more about the target market for this body of work.

Business Card: Instead of using a script font for the Acupuncturists' name it needed to be bold and in a stronger type font. The spacing needed to be consistent throughout and the second lot of cherry blossom removed from the bottom of the card.

Bookmark: The bookmark was good but the cherry blossom down the bottom of the bookmark needed to be either single version and at the same angle as the cherry blossom in the logo. The other option was to remove the bottom cherry blossom all together and lower the address to the bottom of the bookmark.

Compliment slip: Once again remove the cherry blossom from the bottom of the slip, with compliments needs to be moved so that there is space for written message on slip. Adding the line to the bottom of the slip didn't tie in with any other product so it needed to be taken out. The address needed to be moved around and repositioned.

Letterhead: The letterhead was strong, the spacing just needed to checked that it was consistent throughout.

Brochure: Needs to be redone completely. It looked like the local desktop publisher gone berserk! It was not thought out, too much information and to many pictures and the colours of the pictures did not blend in with the overall appeal of the rest of the business stationary. Use brush script is definitely a no as there are much better typefaces available. The images need to be removed, reduce the amount of text and keep it clean and crisp like the rest of work. If using line drawings in the brochure, remove the colours and if colours are used keep them harmonising with the logo.

In using the other logo that I created, would mean that it meets more of the target market, it wont be so feminine and still retains that natural feel that I was after. The brochure needed more thought and to keep it crisp and clean. If I use the other logo remove the blue background and once again keep it clean and clear of adding other things that detract from the overall feel of the business stationary.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colour Swatches

This exercise was to take a natural photo and using the eye dropper tool, select 16 colours from the photo. Then we had to record CMYK and RGB colours from this photo in colour swatches.

Logos for assessment

These are some of the logos that I have created for the assessment, before I go any further I would like to have some feedback on them. Before I started to create these logos I thought about words that I connect to acupuncture and the place where acupuncture began, lotus blossom, cherry blossom, bamboo, Yin Yang, butterflies and I tried to incorporate these into logos. I also researched alternative medical symbols thus finding one for acupuncture.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Logo Creations

These logos still need some work and I need to redo fleet star and change some of the others, and do more than one logo for each one, but due to missing Monday's lesson I thought I just needed to get the basics done and work more on them over the next few days.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Typographic art

Its as if he cant control whats in his head, the words are just exploding out. The different typefaces used is fantastic, mixing serifs with san serifs.

Although this is handwritten, what an amazing effect it has, the man is just climbing out of the page at you. It is so well done.

I really enjoy this whole layout, the colours, the background and the way they have extended the t and i. It has an abstract feel about it.

This piece makes you look right into the depths, you can see symbols and some lettering throughout, I don't know if you could call this typographic art, but I find it very interesting.

The typeface has nice clean lines with the artistic work added over the top to give the artwork more depth. Lovely use of colours.

This artwork feels kind of celtic with Arabic influences, an interesting piece.

What an effective way to use type, combining quilling with typography. How can they say they have run out of ideas?

Arabic writing has a lovely flow to it, it reminds me of the illuminated scripts you would find in ancient books.

I love the way they have turned the number five into abstract art. The colours are rustic but they really work.

The colours and the typeface used are just great, heart with symbols as well. The textured background works well.

I am a great fan of James Dean, and this image just captured my eye when I saw it. even without the picture next to it I knew who it was instantly.

Four Pictures with Type

We were told to get four pictures off the net and then place them in a document, and put type to the pictures. Choosing the correct typeface to suit the image was hard, I find that it is hard going from one machine to another and only using what typefaces are on those machines, as we are all dicovering each machine will have different typefaces to others.