Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Design - columns

This is the page spread with gridlines, column guides etc. This is a very useful tool to use, it makes work with page layouts a lot easier.

This is the magazine spread that I created. If I was doing this for real I would put a studio photo of myself into the top picture space.

Monday, August 30, 2010

CUVVSP11B - Apply Technique to Produce Digital Images

Famous People

I originally wanted to put myself with James Dean walking down the street, I tried to take many different pictures to get the right shot, it didn't work so I looked for other pictures that may have been suitable and so I found Sean Connery. The angles aren't quite right and trying to get the tone and depth right is very hard in black and white. I tried softening the lines around my face, more work probably would help and better skills in photoshop.


I loved creating this image, I had a lot of fun doing it. I had a head start with this as my brother had taken some beautiful underwater shots that I used in this image. Merging different elements into one photo was a challenge, I think if my brother could see what I did to his photos he would have a good laugh. The colours were just so vibrant and trying to get the lightning right with the background that I choose was interesting. More refinement work needs to be done but overall I am happy with my skill level and what I achieved.

When It Rains It Pours

I thought about this photo and decided to make it a little bit humourous, although my sense of humour can be debated. I thought what would cause a car wreck on a wet day apart from the weather, a good looking woman! Hence Marilyn Monroe. But what would top of the car wreck, naturally of course it would have to be a piano falling on top of the wreck, making totally unsalvagable. I love black and white photography but trying to get the images looking correct was difficult. More work definately needed!

Me, Myself and I

Originally I thought I would do a picture in the park and take different images of me in the park, but when I thought about it, I realised that my photoshop skills weren't up to this. I must admit that photoshop is definitely not one of my strong points and I really struggle using this program. In saying this I decided to try and create a class portrait, the trouble I had with this was that the lighting changed with each shot even though the same settings were used on the camera and the camera itself was on a tripod. The lighting in the room was from overhead as evidenced in the middle shots where the light is brighter, I must admit that this looks better in black and white.

BSBDES403A -Deadlines and Technical Challenges of GD

What is a deadline?
A deadline is a tangible date/timeframe that a task is needed to be completed by. This deadline is important to be met because there could be consequences in delaying or not meeting a deadline for example if you are preparing a poster for an event and it is delayed in pre press, the event may have happened before the posters are completed, this would then affect the organisers of the event and any publicity that it needed to make the event successful.

What is involved in making a deadline?
Communication between all parties involved, puctuality of all the staff members involved, good time management practices. Be clear that everything is spelt out before promising that you can achieve this deadline. Work together as a team (if applicable) and know where each stage of the production is at and if anyone is away that other team members can take their place.

What are the consequences of breaking a deadline?
The consequences of breaking a deadline can be far reaching especially if you are in business for yourself and rely on word of mouth or testamonials from other clients for your business to be a success. It can mean loss of revenue, litigation, loss of employment if working for a company, company or business reputation becomes diminished and it would take time to renew this standing.

What can you do to better make deadlines?
To help improve your goals of making deadlines, you would need to look at your time management skills, your honesty and punctuality in getting to work on time and become more reliable so others know that you can be trusted. Don't over extend yourself in business, hoping that the more work you take on will mean more success, better to equate quality instead of quantity.

How do you prioritise deadlines?
Prioritising work to reach deadlines can be as simple as working within the limits of a contract where it is stated each step of the way and what dates each completed step must be finalised by, eg. builders need to have certain things approved of before the next stage can be commenced, they would normally have penalty clauses in the contract if they don't reach certain deadlines. If working in a business you would have regular meetings (could be brief meetings first thing in the morning to ascertain the progress of numerous jobs and what stage they are at and if extra people need to be pulled from other jobs to help get urgent jobs completed on time).

How do deadlines alter perceptions of business and individuals?
Deadlines can alter perceptions of business and individuals in many ways, some being if the deadlines aren't being met that the company or individual can't be relied upon to do the work, it shows that there isn't enough respect, responsibility and reliability in the company/individual to warrant repeat business. However the opposite can be said if the company/individual shows that they can met the deadlines that are required of them and word of mouth and repeat business will increase and they will get a good reputation in the business community.

Technical Challenges of GD
What are the technical challenges?
The technical challenges of Graphic Design are the different software packages and computer systems that are available for us to use. Also the ability to use these different packages and platforms can be a challenge. Being current with new software applications when it becomes available and the different uses it can have within the industry. Some of the other technical challenges may be the use of cameras (analogue/digital) and the need to have some knowledge of how they work and what can be obtained from this medium.

How do we solve these challenges?
We can solve these challenges by learning through TAFE or tutorials on the different aspects of computer software and the use of different platforms. Keeping an open mind and having a willingness to learn continually, updating skills when required. Learn from others in the industry and be willing to share skills with others (work to your strengths and in a team environment utilise people that have more skills than you in certain areas), be willing to share your skills with other that may not have them. The internet can offer many resources that you can use, libraries and computer shops can also assist in learning.

What resources are out there?
There is unlimited resources out there for us to tap into, be it educational institues, libraries, the internet, other companies and indivduals working in the graphics industry. Computer software companies (tutorials on the web to help learn the new software as it comes available).
What is you annual budget to pay for these resources?
At the present my annual budget for these technical skills and resources is limited due to not working, but I would say that it would be about $500 per year. However in saying this accessing the Internet to find out about tutorials and attending TAFE means that I am learning skills and new software as I go. Knowing that I would have to get new software if I chose to start using my skils commercially means that I would have to pay about $2,000+ just to update the software for it to be legal to use. Libraries are free, however class may have a small fee attached if doing classes through the library.

How could an ABN benefit your financial approach to these resources?
Having an ABN would benefit greatly because the cost is reduced and then you could claim these kinds of expenses back on tax, so the cost of upgrading software/computers and skills would then become more accessible. As a company it would help a great deal because they have more incentive to update more regularly and the costs wouldn't affect the overall profits as they would be more likely to receive bigger discounts from retailers for the purchase of these products.

How do the major platforms affect technical approaches to projects (Mac/PC)?
I think it depends on what platforms that you become used to using, however in saying this it is good to learn different platforms so that you have the skills to work where ever required on whatever is available at the time. PC's have there uses (probably more for web design and digital media), Macs seem to have a good feel for graphics but it all depends on the software that is being used. Macs I have found to be good for programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, where you can have better control of the mouse whereas PCs don't have the range. PCs are good for basic editing or creating word documents but once again this is software and not necessarily the actual platforms. Macs make it more enjoyable to work especially when doing design work.

Cloud Castle Version 2

This is my revised attempt, I took the original picture into photoshop, and used the dodge and burn tool to add more depth to the picture. I also added more background mountains to the picture. I enjoyed creating this image and will be using the new skills to enhance other illustrator projects in the future.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jobs and Wage Scale in the Graphics Industry

There are numerous jobs going in the graphics industry, be it designers, web designers, junior artists etc. Most of these positions are located more in the bigger cities, however you can come across some jobs in the smaller town throughout Australia which mainly involve working in a printing firm.

1. Designer - Vogue Australia
Wage dependent on skills and experience
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Mac
  • Advertising, promotions, advertorials

2. Mid-Weight Graphic Designer
Min 4 years experience
  • First rate use of the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sound communicat5ion and presentation skills

3. Worldwide Online Printing
Graphic Designer
Caboolture Qld
Full Time
Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Graduate/Entry Level
  • Understanding of Adobe Creative Suite

4. Graphic Artist
Colemans Printing
Alice Springs
Full Time
Salary Package
  • Work on large publications
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite

Award Rates (this is only a meridan of these positions)
Graphic Artist/Designer $40,000
Snr Graphic Designer $60,000
Jnr Graphic Designer $30,000
Graphic Designer Web $45,000
Graphic Design Manager 65,000
Art Director 55,000
Graphic Designer 38,000

Diploma Graphic Design $34,284-42,944
Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design $35,093-55,000

Obviously the more experience and qualifications that you have, the more your job prospects increase plus most seem to require a good understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Magazine Cover Cloud Castle

This is my version of the magazine cover, I tried to keep the typefaces simple without to many changes as I looked at other magazine covers and only a few of them were truly out there, and reading some helpful hints in another design magazine suggested that using a strong typeface in various sizes works more effectively than using many different ones.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cloud Castle Magazine Cover

This is my version of the magazine cover, I had a bit of trouble with the shadows and trying to choose the right font (I tried to get as close as possible to the fonts that they used, some I had luck with others not so). I also moved the image up so that you could see a bit of the town below the rain and not just the tops of the mountains. Overall I think I did a pretty good job, more practice going around type fonts will help me more in the future.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recreation of Australian artwork

I found this piece of art by the Australian artist John Martin - Anthem for the Great Spirit - Totem 2, 1991 and decided to recreate it in illustrator, I love the way the fabric is draped over the arm of the woman. The colours are lovely in this picture too. It was fun using different brush tools and trying to create the textured effect on one of the pieces of fabric.

Freckle removal

This is an image I got of the net, we had to try and remove as many freckles as possible using the healing and clone tools. below is the end result.

Although I have removed most of the freckles, not all were so easy to remove. It was good to learn how to use these tools, more practice using the tools in photoshop would be handy.

Photoshop patch tool

In class Luke showed us the patch tool, we used this tool to take out the road and add grass so it looks like an empty paddock of grass. The results are below.

This is the after shot, the road has been concealed with the patch tool.

Black Ink Work

This is my seeing hands around the rose pentacle, symbols from the Celts and used in ancient rituals, I joined these symbols together to see what effects I could create, as this is a work in progress I think I will add some Celtic knot work to this design and watch it transform into something else.

This is a simpler piece of artwork, inspired by the North American Indians and their totem spirits.

This is my first ink drawing, I used a continuous line for the pattern. This took me about three days to complete.

Analogue pattern drawing

This is my hand drawn pattern using a 1cm square. It looks better in the diary than on the blog, it was definitely time consuming but relaxing whilst doing this.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Castle Harmony

This is my attempt at harmony in the clouds, most of the colours came from the Baroque colour palette except for the blue clouds, although they blend in with the blue/greys that I have used. I had fun creating this and if I could add anything else to this picture it would be a bit of texture to the background so it would give the image a feeling of being shrouded in fog. I have to learn how to do this and experiment a bit more!