Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bottle Poster Review

Skye: Poster makes a statement. Needs to focus on the difference between the authors message and the end users message. Make sure its legible from a distance and that all aspects can be seen. think about the overall concept and plan it. Be aware of plagiarism. Work out form vs function and have a good understanding of what you want to achieve. 60% form 40% function.

Ani: The right message comes across really well. The use of colour is done very creatively. Great use of type and the treatment that was used on it. It gives the message a strong feel and the important part of the message is really loud and strong. Footnote will draw you into the message if you want to read it. The hierachy is very well done and the overall balance is wonderful. 50% form 50% function.

Lea: Form and function are very strong, it has a strong aesthetic appearance. This poster addresses all the issues that the client would want in their poster. The use of green in the poster really leads us to think about the environment. Modifying the message so it looks right. 60% function 40% form.

Michelle: More function than form. The type used made the message loud and clear and maybe the use of a different font would change this aspect. Making a poster safe sometimes doesn't always work. 70% function 30% form.

Mitchell: Research and inspiration, its great to have your own style and maybe incorporating your style with other peoples. Balance and aesthetics need to play an important part. Over complicating a poster so that the message is getting lost (rethink the actual message).

Chris: Background is too strong, tafe logo is drawing the eye and taking away from the message. Type needs a different treatment and needs to be pulled away from the earth. Keep the art work simple, maybe using more vector type art instead of photographic art. 60% aesthetic 40% function.

Jules: Lost in an idea, the artwork is strong but the message is being lost. What are you saying to people, is the message really what you wanted to say. What can you do, how do you go about doing it, work within your limits and have other options open to you.

Nic: Size and characteristics of type also makes or breaks the message. It was a strong message and the poster had a bold look and feel to it. Execution of it needs work. 60% function 40% aesthetics.

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