Friday, May 6, 2011

City Park Hotel

RE: Proposed DL Brochure

Mrs Tanya Greentree

Dear Tanya
I have some concerns about the quality of the information you have provided for the use in the brochure that you are getting designed.
  • Their is an excessive amount of information that you are requiring to be added to the brochure, and the information has numerous spelling errors in it. Would you like me to edit the copy and also reduce the amount of information that it contains.
  • The quality of the photos and images will impede the overall appearance once printed. To alleviate this new images can be taken to ensure a better quality.
  • How many images do you require in the brochure as too many will make the brochure look to busy and detract from the information that needs to be on the brochure.
  • Is the map to be included in this brochure, once again the quality of the map will need to addressed prior to use.
  • I also need to discuss copyright requirements with regards to the use of the photos that you are providing and whether they meet all the requirements for usuage.
If you could get back to me regarding these concerns, it would be greatly appreciated.


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