Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Web Designs That I Like And Dont Like

I like this site once again because of its simplicity and style. The imagery is enough of a drawcard to make you want to explore the site further. Maybe simple is best.

I really like the look of this site, the colours used are so attractive that it draws you in. However I think I would change the type font to something more classy than what has been used.
I really like this site because of its simplicity but functionality of the site. Its clean and crisp and does the job with style and grace.
I like this web site for its class and elegance. The whole site just seems to say come and look at what I have on display. It shows that Blake has put a lot of thought into what he wants from the web site and I think that he has really achieved this.
This web site to me is rather boring, its if he didn't want to spend any time making it look attractive, maybe he just thought keeping it basic would do the job.

I like this web site because it is clean simple and fun. The artist has made this a simple site to use but has added a touch of playfulness in the artwork that he has chosen.

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